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You can check the weather forecast, find restaurants, hire a taxi or simply find directions to any place you want.

Main Features

This traveler app is a must have for your Android smartphone or tablet for many reasons.

Find nearby places
quickly and easily

We designed a very easy to use interface that will simplify your life and let you find all nearby places that you are looking for within a few seconds.

Find the top places

Get the selection of the best places within any city you want and also check the reviews and pictures of these places.

Find the best route

Plan your trip easily to any destination with the the fastest route or choose an alternative route.

Live information
about the traffic

This feature will help you to choose the best route and save a lot of time.

Professional audio and visual guidance

Our navigation system will guide you to arrive to your chosen destination with beautiful graphical and audio instructions.

Night navigation with
Head Up Display

Travel by night with a special display made for safe driving when it's dark.

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